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Doing Research in China - Joint DAAD-STF-Fulbright Forum



The STF organised, together with the German DAAD and the US Fulbright, a Joint Forum for 60 young Western academics from 29-30 October 2010. The Joint Forum Doing Research in China was the Second joint event of the three institutions in Beijing. The Friday afternoon session opened with messages from Mr. Johan Cauwenbergh from the EUD in Beijing, Ingrid D. Larson from the US Embassy and Dr. Hack from the German Embassy. The keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Jean-Francois Monin, LIAMA, University of Grenoble that offered many practical insights into Chinese-European research co-operation was followed by an interesting Q&A session and a networking dinner.

Prof. Dr. Muennemann, Free University of Berlin and Nanjing University, focused in the first input speech on Saturday Experiences of doing Research in China - Chances and Challenges: Geo-sciences on the natural water availability in China and desertification. The input speech laid ground for six theme group discussions in which the participants shared their research interests and discussed opportunities and challenges of doing research in China.

Dr. Moritz de Greck and Dr. Aurelien Stalder, both current STF 1 Fellows, shared their research experiences of doing research in China in the afternoon. Dr. de Greck's very dedicated speech The basis of emotional sharing and Dr. Stalders presentation about Atherosclerosis and his research environment were followed by an Open Space Session, in which scientific and practical challenges were discussed and problem solving strategies discovered.

The day concluded with a networking dinner and the possibility for the participants to further explore their joint research interests in a relaxed atmosphere.