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The STF Lead Expert Visited STF 1 Fellow at Her Research Facility in Taiyuan



On September 20 and 21 Mr. Clemens Smolders, the lead expert of the STF program visited Roxana Ciceoi, one of the Fellows of STF 1, at her research facility in Taiyuan. Her area of research is walnuts, and improving stock through the process of grafting young trees. Together with her supervisor, Prof. Wang Gui (member of the Shanxi Academy of Forestry Sciences, and Vice-President of Dry Fruit Branch of China Horticulture Society), who is a leading expert in this field, they visited young tree plantations, to give Mr. Smolders a better idea of the grafting process, as well as a better understanding of the collaboration of Roxana with her professor over the past 12 months.


The picture shows Roxana Ciceoi, Clemens Smolders and Prof. Wang Gui with the young walnut trees.


This pictures shows Roxana Ciceoi, Clemens Smolders and Prof. Wang Gui in front of the base of the China-Romania collaboration project base.