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STF attended the 2011 Beijing Science Festival held from Sep.16 to 23



The STF Lead Expert Mr. Clemens Smolders and the Public Relations Officer Mr. Kenny Dong attended the international science communication conference on Science Education & Forum for ‘Golden Palm’ Sci-tech Teachers on 19 September near the Birds Nest in Beijing. The event was organized by the Department of International Affairs of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, under the auspices of the 2011 Beijing Science Festival.

2011 is the first year of 12th Five-Year Plan of China. Officially planned as the Beijing regional fair of 2011 China National Science Popularization Day, the 2011 Beijing Science Festival is held in Beijing this September, which was initiated and hosted by Beijing Association for Science and Technology.
During the afternoon seminar, which focused on International Science Communication, was attended by the science educators (approximately 100 Beijing high school S+T teachers were present at the work shop). Professionals from Beijing, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore shared their experiences in the area of education and popularization of science and technology knowledge, not only for young kinder garden and school students, but also for adults. The President of the European Science Events Association, Mr. Jan Riise and other colleagues shared their ideas in the communication session. Furthermore, the Lead Expert emphasized the importance of enhancing the mutual understanding and communication between EU and China in the science and technology sector.