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Archives BEIJING 25.10.2011 "Journey to the East, the soot road?" by Dr Guinot

"Journey to the East… the soot road?" What can a chemist learn about air pollution while cycling alone from Paris to Beijing? From both sides of Eurasia, natural resources and lifestyles differ, and pollutions too. Benjamin Guinot, atmospheric chemist, has joined Paris to Beijing in 2006, cycling alone on the Silk Road, now Soot Road. His sporting and human adventure is first illustrated by an extract of the film he shot. Then, based on his current research, Benjamin Guinot takes stock of the air pollution issues in China. While presenting the high diversity of causes, as well as the efforts deployed to better understand and fight against air pollution's health and climate impacts, his talk identifies some scientific and technological challenges that China faces. So come and join the 8th Understanding Science seminar in Beijing on Tuesday Oct 25th at 7pm at the Bridge café (wudaokou) to discover which air you are breathing… (or eating?)

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