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National Plan to Attract More Biotech Talents


Six Chinese government agencies, including Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Natural Science Foundation, and China Association for Science and Technology, jointly released on 26 December 2011 a medium and long term plan to attract more biotech talents during the period of 2010-2020.  

According to the Plan, China will build a biotech contingent under a strategy of "serving for the development, talented people first, recruitment oriented, mechanism innovation, focusing on high-caliber talents, and striving for an overall development", working on the combination of current and long-term needs, innovation personnel and entrepreneurship, training, importation, and recruitment, talents and projects, domestic and overseas recruitment, and the combined strength of universities, research institutions, and businesses, in a bid to foster a world-class biotech contingent made up of high caliber researchers, academic leaders, business people, and capable management, through favored government support. China will establish by 2020 a biotech personnel pyramid, making China a biotech power enjoying an impressive bio-industry, supported by a large world-class contingent of biotech personnel that is reasonably structured and scientifically distributed.

This news is from the website of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic in China: