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EDITION 2012 - Summer Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Protection (SICCEP) and Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China (IP-China)



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Summer Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Protection (SICCEP) and Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China (IP-China) coordinated by the Chair of Chinese Law withing the Department of Law atUnivesity of Turin and to be held for four weeks at Peking University, School of Government in Beijing from the 7th July to the 4th August 2012 (SICCEP and IP-China) or from the 21st July to the 18th August (IP-China and SICCEP).

The first curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Protection” (SICCEP) or more precisely Law, Policy, Economics and Technology on Climate Change and Environmental issues: European and Chinese Perspectives. It addresses issues such as energy policies, environment law and sustainable development, intellectual property and technology innovation. The second curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China” (IP-China). The participants will decide to enroll in all the scheduled courses and seminars will receive the certificates for both curricula. It is an innovative program that takes into account the training demands of young professionals on these issues, drawing on relevant curricula received from international organizations and the private sector representatives. 

The summer program has also a third and fourth term but just with one curriculum and two week programfrom the 21st July to the 4th August (IP-China) and from the 4th to the 18th August 2012 (SICCEP). The third and fourth terms are mostly addressed to professionals who can not invest more than two weeks in China. By the way, for having a deeper understanding of such a country like China one month is the length more commonly suggested. The professionals who attend one curriculum during the edition 2012 will have special access to the second curriculum on the following edition 2013. 

Both the curricula have been approved by the Italian National Bar Association(Rome) with 24 credits valid for lawyers and practicing lawyers.

This program is multidisciplinary and is aimed at students, young graduates and senior professionals with a background in law, political sciences, international relations, philosophy, economics, environmental sciences, engineering and any other relevant discipline that can be related to the topics of the program. This program is organized in partnership with the Chair of International Trade Law within the Department of Public, Civil Procedure, International and European Law at the Faculty of Law of University of Milan, Lund University Faculty of Political Sciences in Sweden, University of Provence Aix Marseille I – CNRS Centre of Comparative Epistemology and Ergology in France

 From the edition 2011, two institutions have been affiliated to the summer program:University of Eastern Piedmont Faculty of Economics in Italy, University of Pavia, Faculty of Law in Italy. From the edition 2012, three other institutions have joined the program: Catholic University of Milan Faculty of Law, University of Insubria (Como) Faculty of Law in Italy and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain.

The summer course will include the following topics:

1) Introduction to Chinese Law, Institutions & Politics (20h) SICCEP and IP-CHINA

2) Global Environmental Governance (14h) SICCEP

3) Environment, Science and Society: a Philosophical Introduction (14h) SICCEP

4) Law, Policy and Economics on Climate Change (14h) SICCEP

5) Introduction to Chinese Intellectual Property Law and Technology Transfer (20h) IP-CHINA

6) European American and Chinese Approaches to Intellectual Property Rights and  Competition Policy (20h) IP-CHINA

Then there will be also other courses on IP law taught in the afternoon period based on the number of students that enroll with seminars developed to favor the interaction among the participants and professors, as well as cooperation amongst students of different nationalities.

In addition to traditional lectures, all summer schools provide a number ofpresentations and round tables involving experts of Chinese law, politics and culture, environment, sustainable development and intellectual property as well as experts in the specific themes covered by the different classes (for a complete list of the events held during the Summer School Edition 2011, please see below in this page). The participants will attend at least 60 hours par curriculum (for a total amount of 120 hours for both curricula).

A part from the lectures and formal classes, during the 2010 and 2011 editions held in Beijing, the following provided contributions to the program: Officials of the State Copyright Agency and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China; Officials from the Trade & Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy in Beijing; Italian Institute of Culture in Beijing, Chiomenti Law Firm in Beijing, Franzosi dal Negro Pensato Setti, Attorneys at Law, Beijing; Intesa San Paolo, Chief Representantive Beijing; IPR Desk in Beijing (Italian Trade Commission Beijing Branch); Officials of the European Union Delegation in Beijing; Officials from the European Commission IPR2 program; Secretary, Low Carbon Growth, British Embassy Beijing; PRC State Administration for Industry & Commerce (AIC); ORBEO China (subsidiary of Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking Commodities  and Rhodia Energy Services), Baker & McKenzie Law Firm (Beijing Office).

The participants of the previous edition 2011 came from Italy, Spain, China, Canada, Ivory Coast Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Pakistan, Comores, Togo, Central African Republic, Mali, Sri Lanka

The deadline to apply is scheduled on May 25, 2012

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