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SHANGHAI: 3rd Understanding Science Seminar: "Eat Drink Men Women: follow the birds and the bees in time of famine" by Sam Linsen

Dear friends, The Understanding Science scientific popularization talks are back in Shanghai for the third edition, on Monday June 18 from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Wooden box cafe. This 3rd seminar, entitled “Eat Drink Men Women: follow the birds and the bees in times of famine” will be presented by Dr Samuel LINSEN from the CAS-Max Planck Partner Institute for Computational Biology in Shanghai. “Famines are, for many societies, still a realistic threat and understanding the physiological impact of these may alleviate its lasting consequences. Dr Linsen will explain that by following generations of people born in times of famine, and using animal models, we can today get some insights into our physical and mental response towards starvation. During the lecture, examples of the early-life response to nutrient limitations will be discussed”.

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