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Beijing: Understanding Science Nobel Laureate Lecture by Prof. Brian Schmidt the 2011 Nobel Prize winner for Physics

The Beijing “Understanding Science” team is delighted to invite you to attend a special summer lecture, held in collaboration with the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Prof. Brian Schmidt from the Australian National University, who was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics, will talk on the “The Accelerating Universe”. The lecture will take place at 10 a.m. on Saturday 25th August in the China Science and Technology Museum. The Museum is located in the northeast of the Olympic Park about 10 minutes walk eastwards from the "Forest Park South Gate" subway station (Line 8). Please see the attached flyer for further details.
Like all “Understanding Science” events, attendance at the talk is free but in this case it is recommended you reserve a seat once they become available at

From next month, "Understanding Science" will revert to its traditional café-based evening format. Further details of events will follow in due course.
David Evans (Chair of the Royal Society of Chemistry Beijing Local Section)
Richard de Grijs (Institute of Physics International Coordinator for China)


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